I really do feel like it’s the start of a whole new chapter for me...   

I had French toast and coffee yesterday morning for breakfast – it was something I had been looking forward to during the Detox… and yet it somehow didn’t taste as good as I remembered it to be! That must be a good thing lol.

What has definitely changed since doing the Detox is the volume with which I was previously accustomed to eating - meals that I could completely finish (and then some!) I now find I can only eat half of.


Actually (on the detox) I eat more than I normally eat with the two shakes and the midday meal.  I usually have a cup of tea and a slice of toast in the morning and fruit and toast at midday!



Now that I am not drinking coffee I just don't miss it……  I hit my target today - lost 30 pounds.



The weight is falling off despite many transgressions!



After just 5 days on the detox, I had more energy.  After 11 days my tummy fat went flat!



My cravings were crisps but I don’t want to eat them like I used to.  I’m now more controlled with my choices.



I lost 6 kg,  7 % body fat and 23 inches!! It is the best programme ever and I felt great after only 5 days! Not bloated anymore and I dont have any more cravings. It was easy – the key is the support! I was supported every day and received easy-to-follow guidelines. There is enough food and snacks so no need to go hungry or starve yourself!

This programme is now a way of life...a healthy life!



Downtown Detox and the products they recommend have changed my life - in the way I feel, think and look. Having started on all the delicious products over two years now,  I feel so much more energetic and healthy... I have even started running regularly and competing in races!

These products will remain in my life for many years to come and I happily recommend Downtown Detox to all my friends and family!



Join Downtown Detox – its so simple and the benefits in terms of energy levels and good health are extraordinary. Contact us today for more information.