Deborah Naples 

431105_180502015387121_112034638900526_263728_332605789_n.jpgDeborah Naples is one of Downtown Detox’s success stories – after losing 9 kgs on our program, she joined the company!

Deborah was so impressed with the products that not only did she want to continue with them herself, but share them with her friends and family.  People began to notice the weight she had lost and thought she looked younger and healthier and were curious to know how she had done it.

Deborah has now coached many people successfully, some of whom wanted to lose weight; others who just wanted to detoxify their systems and feel healthier.  She adjusts our programmes accordingly to suit the individuals whom she coaches.
Having spent many years as an executive in the hospitality industry, most of it with Four Seasons Hotels and then as an hotel consultant, Deborah is very aware of the importance of appearance and good health.  Deborah recognised that “you are what you eat” however, that was not always within her control as weight and health can be very delicate issues!   It is very gratifying for Deborah to now be able to address these issues head on with people that really want to make a difference in their lives.

Deborah is currently studying Sekhem as she believes that spiritual health is just as important as physical health.

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