Jennifer Sheppard – Founder of Downtown Detox

jen.pngSince her teens, Jennifer has been passionate about nutrition and the body’s amazing potential to transform and heal.

Originally from South Africa, Jennifer is a UK qualified
Chartered Secretary and has worked around the world in the offshore finance industry.

Jennifer has been detoxing for many years, but it was only after having her daughter at 40 that Jennifer was able to leave the corporate rat race and focus on supporting others in their journey to detoxification and transformation through nutritional cleansing.  Since the formation of Downtown Detox in 2008, Jennifer has helped thousands of people from all walks of life change their lifestyles and eating habits and unlock their body’s true potential.

Like all the Downtown Detox divas, Jennifer is US trained on all the products recommended in the detox programmes. Jennifer is also studying for a holistic nutrition diploma. Jennifer regularly gives talks on detoxing and nutrition to both adults and to schools.

+852 9833 3976