Who We Are

Downtown Detox was formed in 2008 in response to busy people in Hong Kong wanting to detox for health, all whilst carrying on with their normal lives – this meant introducing an innovative, tailored fully supported program which could be followed at home.


Our programmes work along these lines - by creating the right conditions both internally and externally we set you up for success.

Your body will begin to reset naturally as you flood it with nutritionally beneficial foods and supplements, and at the same time, remove the major toxins in your diet.

By following our stimulant-free 11 or 30 day programmes you will see results straight away whilst improving your long-term health.

The cleanse will help give your digestive system a rest and also improve your energy levels through high-quality vitamins andnutrients. You will be feeding your body properly! 

And because this is not a fast, you will not be hungry or too tired; common symptoms of other cleanses.

The best part – we support you all the way! From your first initial consultation with one of our Detox Divas, where we will conduct an in-depth pre cleansing analysis, including setting goals, reviewing your health and lifestyle and ideas for meals and snacks during the programme, to daily 24/7 telephone and email support, to our post detox review and ongoing maintenance meetings – it does not get better than that! We will support and encourage you all the way so you are never on your own.

And your program is tailored to your needs – do you want to lose some weight? Tone up? Have more energy? Sleep better? Kick start a healthy eating and fitness programme? Or simply detox and declog?

Rejuventate, Replenish, Recharge.